Dual Monitor 3840x3160 @ 60Hz on a HP Thunderbolt Dock G2

I got some Hardware with the goal to get those two Displays running at resolution of 3840x3160 @ 60Hz (known as 4K). Well we have 2022 and that that should not be a problem at all you may think? Not exactly i was tempted to throw everything out the window if this S**t does not work the way i want. Well, at the end it worked ;-)


We had following Parts that need to be wired together. Just random hardware and not buyed for purpose or whatsoever. Maybee my solution is also applicable for other combinations.

  • 2 x DELL U2718Q Monitors
  • 1 x HP Thunderbolt Dock G2
  • 1 x Elitebook 840 G6 Notebook with Intel UHD 620


It was not possible to get 2 x 3840x3160 resolution running at 60Hz wired with 2xDisplayport cables from monitor to Dockingstation. The problem was not the resolution, but the 60Hz... the max of 3840x3160 was only possible with 29Hz. If you lower the resolution to Full HD on a 4k Display you get the 60Hz but it looks bad.


  1. Make sure in BIOS of laptop the option "High Resolution mode when connected to a USB-C DP alt mode dock" is enabled
  2. Buy a USB-C to DP 1.4 Cable. Something like this
  3. Attach one monitor as usual via Displayport
  4. Attach second Monitor with the Displayport to USB-C cable to the USB-C plug on Dockingstation. Be carefull: NOT the Displayport USB-C socket ... the other one, yeah right, ...

Now i have Dual Monitor 3840x3160 @ 60Hz Setup working.

Don't ask me why an how - it works like this and its the only way i got working. Hope i "can make your day" with this explanation.


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